In a notable announcement, Julious Hans, a seasoned motorsport enthusiast and experienced sports administrator, has officially declared his candidacy for the position of Vice President of the Uganda Motorsport Association. With a comprehensive background in business management, sports coaching, and IT, along with a wealth of experience in motorsport, Hans is poised to bring a fresh and ambitious perspective to the role.

Hans’s educational journey showcases a diverse range of qualifications. He holds diplomas in business management and entrepreneurship from Alison, sports coaching and management, Linux systems installations, strategic security management, and records and archives management. His academic background is further enriched with a BSc in Information Technology from Nkozi University, demonstrating his technical acumen.

However, it’s his extensive involvement in motorsport that sets him apart. Hans has been part of Uganda’s motorsport scene since 1993, engaging with fans, drivers, officials, and sponsors. His roles within motorsport’s clubs, as both fan and chairman, and his current position as a member of the Uganda Motorsport Association (UMA), provide him with invaluable experience and skills that he believes will serve him well as Vice President.

Hans’s vision for sports development in Uganda encompasses several key areas:

Development at the Club Level

He plans to build upon the existing links between the Sports Federation, Sports Development Services, and clubs to improve sports management, safety, and coaching. Hans aims to support every club in implementing a Club Development Plan, offering guidance as they grow and develop. He also emphasizes increasing awareness of funding opportunities for clubs and revamping the federation’s website to better publicize activities.

Development at the Individual Level

Hans seeks to source more funding and increase awareness of available training and officiating courses, ensuring clubs and individuals within them continue to grow. He also aims to increase awareness of both internal and external volunteering programs, offering members the chance to gain new skills.

Facilities Development 

One of Hans’s key proposals is to encourage the federation to invest in its own facilities. He also advocates supporting clubs to establish their own facilities, reducing reliance on external rentals. Hans emphasizes the need for a centralized federation office, fully equipped with hardware and software to streamline operations and reduce redundancy.

Inclusivity and Opportunity

Hans is committed to working with clubs of all sizes, fostering a positive collective notion around sport in Uganda. He envisions a Vice Presidency characterized by an open-door policy and extensive collaboration with media outlets to raise the profile of sport. His inclusivity extends to working with members regardless of their political affiliations, promoting reconciliation, and ensuring no member is denied the opportunity to enjoy motorsport.

Increasing Accessibility and Opportunities 

Hans advocates making intramural sports more accessible by lowering participation costs, increasing the number of intramural sports, and increasing publicity. He also proposes setting up official training events to develop talent and recruit new members.

With a comprehensive manifesto and a clear vision, Julious Hans’s campaign for Vice President of the FMU is gaining traction. His commitment to sports development, inclusivity, and community-building resonates with many, making him a strong candidate for the position. As the federation looks to the future, Hans’s leadership could be instrumental in shaping a vibrant and inclusive motorsport scene in Uganda.

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