Smooth and Fast Stages Await at the Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024


By Mwambazi Lawrence

As the Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024 approaches, excitement is building among rally fans and drivers. The rally promises to be a thrilling spectacle, featuring some of the smoothest and fastest stages sofar. Set in the scenic locales of Bugiri, Bugweri and Jinja, these stages are designed to challenge the skills of the drivers while providing a visual feast for the spectators.

The Oketcho Stage 31.70kms

The Oketcho Stage, a 31.70kms stretch starting in Bugiri, is poised to be a highlight of the rally. The stage kicks off with a long, smooth 6km stretch, allowing drivers to push their cars to the limit. However, the middle section introduces a series of 22 humps, strategically placed to slow down the cars as they speed through the villages, ensuring safety for the locals. A chicane in a bustling trading center adds another layer of complexity, forcing drivers to navigate a tight right turn, which will also serve as an excellent viewing point for fans. The stage then opens up into a smooth and wide 3km stretch before becoming twisty and loose as it winds through small villages and swamps, finally concluding on the Iganga highway.

Nakalama Super Special Stage A Duel of Speed

Located just a few kilometers from Iganga town center, the Nakalama Super Special Stage is designed for head-to-head action. This stage features two parallel lanes Lane A measuring 1.32km and Lane B at 1.34km each with a 300-meter stretch. The inclusion of roundabouts on both sides promises to make this stage a fan favorite, providing plenty of thrilling moments as crews race side by side.

Segamu 14 Consults Stage 26.00kms

The Segamu 14 Consults Stage, stretching 26km, starts from Wandago and presents a varied terrain. The stage begins with a rough surface and trenches, followed by a 1km long smooth stretch. It skirts the edges of sugar cane plantations, which can become treacherously slippery if it rains. This fast-paced stage features long stretches in the middle, culminating in a smooth, high-speed flying finish at Nsozi Biri. Competitors will tackle this stage twice, adding to the endurance challenge.

MCRC Stage 16.40kms

The MCRC Stage, measuring 16.40km, begins at Nsozi Biri and descends through the outskirts of the plantations. This stage offers a combination of smooth, stretching roads with a few twists, and more than four viewing points for fans to enjoy the action. The route passes by the Kiira Motors factory before exiting the sugar cane plantations. This stage, which will also be repeated, is designated as the power stage, where crews will vie for extra points.

A Rally to Remember

The Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024 is set to be a memorable event, combining high-speed action with technical challenges. With stages like Oketcho, Nakalama, Segamu 14 Consults, and MCRC, fans and drivers alike are in for an exhilarating experience. Whether you are a die-hard rally fan or new to the sport, this rally promises to deliver unforgettable moments and showcase the best of rally driving in Uganda.

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