EMC Drivers

Monica Birywinyo

Nickname: Momo

Date of Birth: 4th June

Team: Freelancer

Affiliation: Eastern Motor Club

Year of Affiliation: 2022

First Event: Busiika Sprint 2019

Other Clubs: Women in Motorsport

Mildred Kibuuka Nambusi

Date of Birth: 18th June
Team: Freelancer
Position: Codriver
Affiliation: EMC (Eastern Motorsport Club)
Year of Affiliation: 2014
Other Clubs: Women in Motorsport
First Event: Kalangala Drivers Day Out 2009

Mildred Kibuuka Nambusi holds the distinction of being the oldest active female navigator in the rally world, bringing her expertise to any team she joins. With a longstanding affiliation with EMC since 2014 and involvement in clubs like Women in Motorsport, she continues to make her mark on the rally scene. Her journey began at the Kalangala Drivers Day Out in 2009, marking the start of a remarkable career as a codriver.

Denis Tibenda

Date of Birth: 26th Feb 1988

Team: Gazlers Rally Team

Position: Codriver

First Rally: Kapeka Autocross 2018

Affiliation: Eastern Motor Club

Year of Affiliation: 2018

Motivation: Kk

Shaina Boona Kobusingye

Date of Birth: 2nd August 1999

Team: Nassim Racing

Joined Motorsport: 2022

Affiliation: Eastern Motor Club (Since 2022)

Other Clubs: Women In Motorsport Uganda

Raymond Munyigwa

Date of birth 23/5/1996

Team: Dusty Rally Team

First Event: Kayunga Rally 2017

Affiliation: Eastern Motor Club

Affiliation Year: 2017

Motivation: Kagolo Kees

Omar Dauda

Date of Birth: June 9, 1992

Team: Wid Rally Team

Co-Driver: Steven Bunya

Car: Mitsubishi Evo6

Affiliation: Eastern Motor Club

Year of Affiliation: 2023

Notable Achievements:

Winner, UMC Fortportal Rally 2022

Winner, UMC Fortportal Rally 2023