John Burrows Lumu Announces Candidacy for FMU Presidency with Bold Vision for Unity and Growth


By Mwambazi Lawrence

April 23, 2024 – Kampala, Uganda

John Burrows Lumu, a seasoned motorsport enthusiast with nearly two decades of experience, has officially announced his candidacy for the presidency of the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU). With a comprehensive background in rally driving and a passion for fostering community, Lumu is poised to bring transformative leadership to the FMU.

A Seasoned Competitor with Deep Roots in the Motorsport Community

John Burrows Lumu’s journey in motorsport began in 2005 as a member and driver with UMOSOC, followed by stints with CMC and SMC. He is also a member of UMMA and a proud parent rider with two sons who are affiliated with UMX. His hobbies include racing, swimming, and networking, highlighting his active and engaging lifestyle within the motorsport community.

A Vision for Unity and Collaboration

At the core of Lumu’s campaign is his commitment to promoting unity and collaboration among all stakeholders in the motorsport industry. His vision is centered on three key principles: “Love, Forgive, and Forget.” Lumu believes that fostering a sense of community among executive officers, club leaders, competition marshals, sponsors, fans, and the media will create a stronger and more supportive environment for everyone involved in motorsport.

Comprehensive Plans to Enhance Competitors’ Experience

Lumu’s detailed plan to improve the experience of riders and drivers during national events demonstrates his dedication to competitors. He proposes group accommodation, free meals, and accident insurance coverage to ensure the well-being and comfort of all participants. Furthermore, Lumu aims to encourage and maintain active competitors by recognizing their achievements and marketing motocross in Ugandan schools to cultivate future talent.

A Holistic Approach to Growing Motorsport in Uganda

Beyond competitors’ welfare, Lumu’s platform includes several initiatives to promote the growth of motorsport in Uganda. He proposes purchasing advanced digital timing systems to ensure accurate race results, establishing a special timing complaint desk, and implementing a transparent sponsorship package-sharing system. This system is designed to provide equitable compensation to stakeholders, including FMU officials, club members, competitors, and promoters.

Additionally, Lumu intends to engage with government bodies like the National Council of Sports to secure funding and support for the development of motorsport. He also aims to recognize and honor past competitors, which he believes will inspire the next generation of motorsport enthusiasts.

Strengthening Leadership and Accountability

Lumu’s leadership approach focuses on ensuring that executive officers and club members receive salaries, fostering accountability and transparency within the FMU. This initiative is designed to encourage consistent and dedicated service, ultimately leading to better-organized events and a more robust federation.

A Candidate Committed to Progress and Inclusion

John Burrows Lumu’s candidacy for FMU presidency represents a bold and inclusive vision for the future of motorsport in Uganda. His extensive experience, combined with his commitment to promoting unity and growth, positions him as a strong contender for the presidency. As the FMU prepares for its upcoming election, the motorsport community will be closely watching to see how Lumu’s ideas and leadership can reshape the federation and elevate the sport in Uganda.

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