Reigning Africa Rally Champion Karan Patel Enters Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2024


By Mwambazi Lawrence

KAMPALA, UGANDA – The reigning Africa National Rally Champion, fresh from competing in the World Rally Championship Safari Rally, has become the first international entrant in the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2024. Patel, along with his co-driver Tausef Khan, will be piloting their newly acquired Skoda Fabia R5. This high-profile entry has created a buzz among rally enthusiasts as the event gears up to be one of the most competitive in the region.

Karan Patel (R) and codriver Tausef Khan (L) celebrate their victory in Rwanda

The Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2024 is set to serve as both the third round of the Uganda National Rally Championship and the opening round of the Africa Rally Championship. Scheduled to take place from May 10th to 12th, 2024, in the Jinja and Lugazi areas, the event promises intense competition and high-octane action. Rally officials are expecting a strong contingent of foreign crews to join Patel and Khan in the thrilling race.

Karan Patels recently acquired skoda Fabia R5 took part in the concluded WRC Safari Rally (Photo credit Eric Santos)

While Patel’s entry has garnered significant attention, local competitors are also preparing to make their mark. Notable among the Ugandan teams are Hajji Abas Mayinja, co-driven by Geofrey Serwoga, and Joshua Muwanguzi with Lwanga Hamza, who will be driving a Subaru Impreza N12. Several other local crews have submitted their entries, with a closing deadline set for April 26, 2024.

The Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2024 will cover a total distance of 525 kilometers, with 209 kilometers consisting of 11 competitive stages and 316 kilometers serving as liaison sections. The stages bear names inspired by iconic rally cars from Uganda’s rich rallying history, such as “Sura Mbaya,” named after a car once driven by retired rally driver Karim Hirji, as well as “Macarena” and “Katushya.”

Joshua Muwanguzi Powers his Subaru Impreza in the EMC MOIL Rally super Special stage. PHOTO BY JOHNSON WERE

Rally organizers have ensured that the event meets international standards, with safety measures and logistics well-coordinated to accommodate both local and international participants. The rally will not only be a test of speed and skill but also a showcase of Uganda’s scenic landscapes and vibrant motorsport culture.

As the countdown to the rally continues, excitement builds among fans and competitors alike. With more entries expected in the coming days, the Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 2024 is shaping up to be a thrilling start to the Africa Rally Championship season and a significant event in the local rally calendar

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