BREAKING NEWS, WRC Safari Rally Event Director Jim Kahumbura Reinstated with Immediate Effect


In a surprising turn of events, the World Rally Championship’s (WRC) Safari Rally event director, Jim Kahumbura, has been reinstated to his position with immediate effect. This decision comes after Kahumbura was forced out by Kenya’s Ministry of Sports, reportedly at the behest of a top official.

The reinstatement follows intervention from the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), the governing body for world motorsport, as well as the WRC promoter and the President of Kenya, William Ruto. Their combined efforts have led to Kahumbura being brought back to take charge of the prestigious event.

Kahumbura’s return is seen as a victory for the WRC community and fans alike, who have expressed support for his leadership and dedication to the Safari Rally. His reinstatement signals a reaffirmation of confidence in his ability to successfully oversee the event, which holds significant importance in the world of rallying.

With the reinstatement of Jim Kahumbura, the WRC Safari Rally looks set to proceed under his experienced guidance, ensuring a thrilling and memorable competition for participants and spectators alike.

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