One-on-One with 2014 Africa Rally Champion Gary Chaynes: A Glimpse into Bandama 2024


By Mwambazi Lawrence & Rob Styles

In the heart of the rallying world, anticipation surges as the 50th Bandama Rally looms on the horizon. Among the contenders is the seasoned driver, Gary Chaynes, the 2014 Africa Rally Champion, who graciously took the time to share his thoughts and insights on this monumental event.

Gary Chaynes new Cirtoen C3

1. Feeling the Pulse of Bandama’s Jubilee:

As we delved into the conversation, the first question revolved around Chaynes’ sentiments towards participating in the historic 50th edition of the Bandama Rally. With humility and eagerness, Chaynes revealed that he approached this milestone with a blend of anticipation and readiness. Despite the absence of meticulous preparation due to the novelty of his team and car, he expressed confidence in his abilities, attributing his assurance to the support of his seasoned crew.

2. Navigating New Terrain:

The discourse swiftly shifted to the alterations in the rally’s route for 2024. Chaynes acknowledged the changes, affirming his familiarity with the Yamoussoukro slopes while acknowledging the heightened complexity of this year’s stages. Undeterred by the novelty, Chaynes exuded a spirit of adaptability, ready to tackle the challenges head-on.

The man himself Gary Chaynes

3. Setting Sights on Victory:

In the pursuit of excellence, Chaynes elucidated his aspirations for the Bandama Rally, articulating his unwavering commitment to securing victory and captivating spectators with a riveting performance. Beyond the podium, his ambition transcended personal accolades, aiming to deliver an enthralling spectacle for rally enthusiasts across the continent.

4. Rallying Spirit and Solidarity:

With a heartfelt message, Chaynes extended his gratitude to fans and the rallying fraternity, lamenting the logistical constraints that hindered broader participation. Nevertheless, he extended an open invitation to witness the spectacle firsthand, promising a display of skill and passion that transcends borders.

Gary Chaynes in one of the Bandama Events driving an Evo9

5. Contemplating Continental Dynamics:

In a candid reflection on the Bandama’s absence from the African Rally Championship (ARC), Chaynes shed light on the geographical and logistical barriers that impede broader continental engagement. Despite the allure of international circuits, his allegiance remained rooted in Africa, fueled by a sponsorship agreement that aligned with his endeavors in Ivory Coast.

As our conversation drew to a close, Gary Chaynes emerged not only as a formidable contender but also as a beacon of resilience and dedication within the rallying community. His unwavering spirit and passion for the sport serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bandama Rally and its profound impact on the African rallying landscape. As the countdown to the 50th Bandama Rally continues, all eyes remain fixed on Chaynes and his fellow competitors, eager to witness history unfold amidst the roar of engines and the dust of adventure.

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