Jasmeet Singh Chana’s Thrilling Journey from Family Passion to Rally Royalty


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In the heart of Kenya’s vibrant rally scene, the Chana family has etched its name into the books of motorsports history, with a lineage spanning over three decades. The patriarch, a legend in his own right, laid the foundation for a racing dynasty that now sees Jasmeet Singh Chana at the wheel, driving for the renowned CRS Racing Team.

The Chana racing legacy began in the 1970s, as Jasmeet’s father navigated the challenging terrains of rally circuits, culminating in the iconic Guru Nanak Rally in 1987. A sabbatical followed, until 1990 when Jasmeet’s elder brother, Jaswinder Chana, revved up the family passion once again, gripping the steering wheel of a Toyota Celica ST165.

Jasmeet Chana powering the mitsubishi Evox round 4

Jaswinder’s journey saw a pivotal shift in 2001, transitioning to the Toyota Celica 185. The move proved strategic, leading to a resounding victory in the Group S championship. The flame was passed down in 2007, as Jasmeet, in collaboration with Randeep Kalsi, entered the fray with a VW Golf. Their debut at the Safari Rally marked an impressive third-place finish in the 2WD championship, foreshadowing their subsequent dominance.

The year 2009 saw Jasmeet clinch the 2WD championship, setting the stage for a transition to the Toyota Celica in 2008. The Group S title in 2010 and 2011 showcased their prowess, and the following years witnessed consistent podium finishes, securing a 2nd overall in the group standings from 2012 to 2014.

A significant leap in 2016 saw the Chana Racing Team upgrade to the formidable Mitsubishi Evo9, propelling them to Group N victory in 2018. The subsequent move to the Mitsubishi EvoX in 2020 marked an unprecedented reign, with back-to-back Group N victories in 2020, 2021, and 2022. The team’s 2021 triumph in Division 2 and 2022 victory in Division 1 further solidified their dominance.

Iceman Chana posing on his evox just before start of the rally

The year 2023 has proven to be a pinnacle for Jasmeet and his team, as they secured five podium finishes, all second positions, and four wins, culminating in the prestigious titles of Kenya National Rally Champions and B13 Class Champions. The journey to the top was not a solitary one, with crucial support from Rubis Energies Kenya LTD, Identisis, CRS Racing, and Cloud Pay fueling their success.

Looking ahead, the Chana Racing Team is set for another upgrade, eyeing a more powerful machine to conquer the challenging terrains that lie ahead. However, this decision hinges on the sale of their championship-winning car, a symbol of their relentless pursuit of excellence.

The winner takes it all Chana brothers collecting their prize after a succesful day in office

The Chana family’s racing tale extends beyond the driver’s seat, with Jasmeet’s brother, Ravi Chana, emerging as one of Kenya’s most experienced navigators. His illustrious career, which commenced in 1989, reached new heights in 2022 when he secured the Tanzania National Rally Championship for Navigators alongside Manvir Birdi.

The Chana Racing Team’s saga continues to be written on the dusty, adrenaline-fueled tracks of Kenya, where passion meets prowess, and a family’s commitment to motorsports echoes through the roar of engines and the triumphs on the podium.

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