By Lawrence Mwambazi
In a bold move to comply with the new law mandating rallies to be held in 75 percent of the districts in Uganda, the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU) has strategically distributed the National Rally Championship (NRC) across various regions. The effort is not only aimed at meeting legal requirements but also at encouraging local motor clubs to bring the thrill of rally racing to previously untouched areas.

NRC1: The Land of Milk in Mbarara – MPU Club Takes the Lead
The first round, NRC1, is set to take place in the enchanting ‘Land of Milk’ in Mbarara, organized by the Motorsport Pioneers Uganda (MPU) club. This marks a significant change from the usual host, Mbarara Motor Club, which lost the opportunity due to disagreements with the federation. With less than 25 days to go, anticipation is building for a spectacular event that promises to showcase the true spirit of Ugandan rally racing.

Byron Rugomoka and Hakim Mawanda commanding the stage in fortportal

NRC2: Masaka and Sembabule – Southern Motor Club (SMC) Holds the Fort
The second round, NRC2, will be hosted in the districts of Masaka and Sembabule, organized by the Southern Motor Club (SMC). Despite a shift in its position on the calendar, this event remains rooted in its traditional grounds, maintaining the rich rallying history of these regions.

NRC3: The Prestigious Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally – FMU Takes Charge
The third round, NRC3, is the prestigious Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally, organized by the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU). Although the exact district is yet to be decided, this event is a highlight in the rallying calendar and serves as the first round of the Africa Rally Championship, stepping into the void left by Ivory Coast’s withdrawal.

NRC4: Eastern Motor Club (EMC) – A Shift from Jinja to Mbale or Soroti
The fourth round, NRC4, will be organized by the Eastern Motor Club (EMC), breaking away from its usual home ground in Jinja. The event could potentially take place in Mbale or Soroti, bringing rally fever to regions that have not experienced it for close to a decade.

NRC5: Kasese or Kyegegwa – Uganda Motor Club (UMC) on the Move
The fifth round, NRC5, will see the Uganda Motor Club (UMC) taking the rally to either Kasese or Kabarole. This move marks a departure from the previous year’s venue in Fort Portal, illustrating the commitment of the organizers to spread the rally fervor far and wide.
NRC6: Central Motor Club Takes the Event to Gulu.

Ronald Sebuguzi and Anthony Mugambwa Rev Up the Thrills in Their Ford Fiesta Proto

The sixth round, NRC6, will be organized by the Central Motor Club, reaching as far as Gulu and shifting from its previous location in Hoima. While this was the fourth round last year, it returns to its traditional position as the sixth event on the calendar, offering a unique rallying experience to the northern regions of Uganda.

NRC7: Hoima or Tororo – MOSAC and UMOSPOC Conclude the Championship
The final round, NRC7, will be a culmination of the championship, with the event being held in either Hoima or Tororo. Organized by MOSAC in conjunction with UMOSPOC, this marks the return of UMOSPOC to the calendar after a two-year hiatus, promising an exhilarating conclusion to the National Rally Championship.

Duncan Mubiru negotiates a hairpin in one of the events

The strategic distribution of the National Rally Championship across diverse districts not only ensures compliance with the law but also serves as a catalyst for the growth of motorsports in Uganda. Each event promises to bring the excitement of rally racing to new audiences, fostering a sense of unity and enthusiasm for the sport across the nation. As the countdown to NRC1 in Mbarara begins, all eyes are on Uganda’s diverse landscapes, ready to embrace the roaring engines and adrenaline-pumping action that rally racing brings.

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