The Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024 Officially Launched at Nakalama Grounds


Nakalama Grounds buzzed with excitement today as the Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024 was officially launched. The event, scheduled to kick off on July 13th with a superspecial stage at Nakalama Grounds, was graced by Hon. John Francis Oketcho, FMU President Jimmy Akena, and other distinguished guests. A total of 37 crews will compete next weekend in the regions of Jinja, Iganga, Bugiri, and Bugweri.

The rally begins with an impressive stage in Bugiri, spanning over 31.70 kilometers. This stage, sponsored and named after Hon. John Francis Oketcho, starts from Hindisha and traverses through Bupala, Kitayigwa, Namiganda, Nakivumbi, Mulanga, Nsaale, Nakibembe, and concludes at Bubinga. Following this, the crews will tackle the 1.32-kilometer superspecial stage at Nakalama Grounds before heading to the overnight parc fermé at CI-Sand Suites in Jinja.

Day 2 features two challenging stages. The first, named Segamu 14 Consultants, is a 26.00-kilometer stretch starting from Wandago, passing through Namasinga, and ending at Nsozi Biri. This stage will be run twice. The third stage, the MCRC stage, is a 16.40-kilometer route beginning at Nsozi Biri, moving through Lwambogo, Kiira Motors, and finishing at Nakabingo, which will also be repeated.

During the launch, Clerk of the Course Mr. Jackson Serwanga and Club President Mr. Kagolo Kees emphasized safety, urging locals to stay off the roads and keep children and animals away from the rally cars.

In addition to the thrilling competition, the event included significant social corporate activities. Organized by EMC in collaboration with Women in Motorsport Uganda, these activities focused on giving back to the community. Scholastic and sanitary materials were donated to nearby schools in Nakalama, and pupils of Alijama Primary School received various items.

The launch of the Moil EMC Kyabazinga Rally 2024 sets the stage for an exhilarating weekend of motorsport, community engagement, and charitable efforts, promising an unforgettable experience for participants and spectators alike.

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