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Huye, Rwanda – Gearheads and speed demons, mark your calendars! The quiet streets of Huye and Gisagara Districts are about to transform into a high-octane battleground from June 14th to 16th as teams from Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda rev their engines for ultimate glory. This isn’t just any rally it’s a Subaru vs. Mitsubishi smackdown, and it’s going to be legendary.

Christian Kanangire will be driving his newly acquired Subaru Impreza N12

The event promises not only blistering daytime stages but also a pulse-pounding night stage. Yes, you read that right a night stage! Because who doesn’t love a little bit of high-speed, flashlight-beam racing under the cover of darkness? If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a rally co-driver screaming “left five over crest” while dodging nocturnal wildlife, this is your chance.

Subaru Crews: Unity Against Mitsubishi Dominance

Subaru crews from Uganda and Rwanda are joining forces like a turbocharged version of the Avengers, ready to dethrone the Mitsubishi supremacy. Leading the Subaru charge is the dynamic duo Joshua Muwanguzi and Hamza Lwanga, who will be tearing through the dirt in their Subaru Impreza N12. Rwanda’s rising star, Christian Kanangire, teams up with Kevin Mujiji in another N12, bringing the local flavor and flair.

The ugandan Subaru crew of Joshua Muwanguzi and Lwanga Hamza pose on their Subaru N12

Then there’s the lady of the hour, Kalimpinya Queen, proving that rally isn’t just a boys’ club. She’ll be zipping through the stages with Olivier Ngabo in their Subaru GC8, probably with a little more grace and a lot more horsepower than the rest of us manage during our daily commutes.

Lady driver Queen Kalimpinya will be on the wheels of a subaru impreza GC8 together with Olivier Ngabo

Gakwaya Jean Claude, with his reliable Subaru Impreza N10, and Isaac Sozzi are key figures in the Subaru camp, providing depth and strategic advantage. From Burundi, the Subaru forces will be strengthened by Two Fitty in a Subaru N10 and Filbert, driving the iconic yellow Subaru N11.

Mitsubishi Crews: A Formidable Challenge

Moustapha Mukasa and Mwambazi Lawrence will unleash their Evo9s, ready to remind everyone why Mitsubishi has been ruling the roost.

But the Mitsubishi crew isn’t planning on giving up their throne without a fight. Eric Gakwaya will be showing off his new Evo4, a car so shiny it could double as a mirror. Moustapha Mukasa and Mwambazi Lawrence will unleash their Evo9s, ready to remind everyone why Mitsubishi has been ruling the roost.

Commanding the Mitsubishi forces is Giancarlo Davite in his EvoX, a man who probably dreams in gear shifts and exhaust notes. Mohammed Bwette, also in an Evo9, will be there to ensure the Subaru threat is kept at bay.

Rwanda’s speed star Giancarlo Davite will be armed with his Mitsubishi Evox

Who Will Reign Supreme?

As the dates approach, one question looms large: who will emerge victorious in this battle of turbocharged titans? Will Subaru’s strategy and diverse lineup finally bring down the Mitsubishi juggernaut? Or will Mitsubishi’s raw power and precision engineering maintain their top spot?

Whatever the outcome, one thing is certain: Huye and Gisagara Districts are in for an adrenaline-packed spectacle. So, grab your earplugs, find a good spot, and get ready to witness the Subaru vs. Mitsubishi showdown of the century. Because in this battle of the brands, the only thing that’s guaranteed is that everyone’s in for a wild ride.

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