Jas Mangat Leads the Charge in the 2024 Shell V-Power Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally


Buckle up, rally fans! The 2024 Shell V-Power Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally is about to unleash a storm of roaring engines, flying dust, and high-octane excitement! With just 10 days left before the rally cars hit the dirt, all eyes are on Uganda’s homegrown talent, Jas Mangat, who is set to lead the local team in a clash against a fierce lineup of international competitors. This year’s rally promises to be more action-packed than a Rambo movie, complete with jaw-dropping jumps, close calls, and perhaps a few dramatic off-road excursions.

Jas Mangat isn’t just bringing his A-game; he’s bringing his entire alphabet, ready to take on reigning Africa Rally champion Karan Patel, who’s revving up his newly acquired Skoda Fabia R5. But the challengers don’t stop there! Hamza Anwar and Adnan Din are strapping into their Mitsubishi Evo X, with plans to send dust clouds high into the Ugandan sky.

Uganda’s rally scene is buzzing, especially with the return of Ponsiano Lwakataka. After a disappointing Smc Challenge Rally upset, he’s back with a vengeance, fueled by a new engine and a lot of pent-up rage. As the Luganda saying goes, “Zinadda Okunywa,” which loosely translates to “I’m back to drink.” And by “drink,” we mean he’s ready to burn some rubber and blaze through the rally course.

In a surprise twist, the USA-based Abas Sebunya is back in town after falling in love with the Uganda terrain during last year’s Fort Portal run. He’s teaming up with Shameer Yusuf, and let’s just say they’re not here for a leisurely drive. No, these two are here to shake things up, rattle some cages, and maybe even leave a few tire marks on the competition.

But the action doesn’t stop there! Jonas Kansime, the current National Rally Championship (NRC) leader, wants to stay on top of the leaderboard, and he’s not taking any prisoners. With Ronald Bukenya by his side, these two are ready to throw down in their Mitsubishi Evo8. They’re like a tag team of no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners rally warriors.

Let’s not forget about Jon, the constant menace, and his partner-in-crime, Aaron Nsamba. Armed with a Ford Fiesta Proto, this crew is ready to punch through the competition with the same finesse as a kung-fu movie fight scene. If there’s a high-speed chase, you can bet Jon is at the front of it, possibly with a grin that’s half crazy, half genius.

Ronald Sebuguzi has had a streak of misfortune, but he’s not about to let that slow him down. The Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally is his chance for redemption, a rally comeback story that would make even Rocky Balboa proud. He’s relaunching his NRC championship campaign, and he’s not here to play nice.

Meanwhile, Dr. Moustapha Mukasa and Mwambazi Lawrence are standing tall on the leaderboard with their Mitsubishi Evo9. Don’t let their medical degrees fool you these guys are more interested in high-speed diagnoses and rally surgery than your usual house calls.

And then there’s Kuku Ranjeet, who recently acquired a Mitsubishi Evo9 from multiple Tanzania National champion Gerald Miller. If you thought Kuku was out of the game, think again—he’s back, and he’s got Siraj Kyambade as his co-driver. These two are like a turbo-charged comeback story in the making.

The 2WD competition is heating up with Ibrahim Lubega Pasuwa and Edward Kirumira ready to lock horns. And let’s not forget Samuel Watendwa, who’s waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on any mistakes. These 2WD warriors have some long-standing unfinished business, and they’re not shy about settling the score on the rally stage.

The CRC battle has a new kid on the block, Musa Segabwe, driving a Mitsubishi Evo9, but he’s up against Haruna Kataza, who’s rolling in a Subaru Impreza N8. They may be new to the Pearl of Africa Rally, but they’re already making waves and snapping at each other’s heels.

With all this action and adrenaline, the organizers are taking safety very seriously, ensuring that fans can enjoy the rally without any unwanted drama (aside from the thrilling kind). So, grab your helmets, folks, because this year’s rally is set to be an unforgettable ride!

As the Luganda saying goes, “Luno silwakugwa kati,” which loosely translates to “This one won’t end now.” But let’s be real, with this level of excitement, anything could happen. Buckle up, rally fans it’s going to be a wild ride!

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