High Stakes Showdown Looms as Kenya and Uganda Gear Up for Mx50 Motocross Battle


A thrilling showdown is on the horizon as Kenya’s lightning-fast Mx50 team prepares to clash with Uganda’s formidable lineup. With both nations boasting exceptional talent, anticipation is mounting for the adrenaline-fueled spectacle set to unfold in Kalisizo this Sunday, the 24th of March.

Leading the charge for Uganda is none other than the reigning Central African Motocross Champion, Jude Kyle Musede. Armed with a wealth of experience and a steely determination, Musede is poised to rally his compatriots into battle against their Kenyan rivals. This event is organised by Southern Motor Club and is set for 24th and 25th of April 2024 at Evillas Kalisizo.

Fuelled by adrenaline, powered by 50cc Kyle Musede to lead the ugandan asult

On the Kenyan front, all eyes are on Chiara Hatanga, the undisputed speed demon of the Mx50 category. However, despite her prowess, Hatanga faces a formidable challenge as she stands alone without a female teammate to bolster the Kenyan contingent. This disadvantage plays directly into Uganda’s hands, with the Mx50 team boasting a formidable lineup of lightning-fast girls including Abigail Katende, Faith Deedan, and Hellena Birungi.

Size doesn’t matter when you’ve got skills like these Faith Deedan in action

Yet, the rivalry extends beyond gender divisions, as Uganda’s male Mx50 riders stand ready to claim crucial points for their nation. With talents like Noel Ssekamwa, Solomon Winyi, Eadric Musede, and Jaysen Katek in their arsenal, Uganda’s prospects are looking increasingly promising.

As the tension mounts, Kenya’s team is set to arrive this week, wasting no time as they head straight to Kalisizo for rigorous practice sessions. The stakes couldn’t be higher, with the victors of each category set to claim coveted prizes including Habib’s whole Duck, Lato Milk hampers, cash prizes, and, of course, the prestigious trophies.

Small bikes big dreams ,Hellena Birungi one of Uganda’s hopefuls

All roads lead to Kalisizo this Sunday as motorsport enthusiasts from across the region converge to witness history in the making. With national pride on the line and adrenaline-pumping action guaranteed, the stage is set for an unforgettable clash between Kenya and Uganda’s finest Mx50 riders. Stay tuned as the countdown to the ultimate motocross showdown begins.

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2 thoughts on “High Stakes Showdown Looms as Kenya and Uganda Gear Up for Mx50 Motocross Battle

  1. I will talk about the MX50CC, MX65cc and Liteweight Mx85cc.

    The truth is, sometimes back Kenya had the best riders in those classes alongside a stiff competition with Ugandans but of now, 50cc is led by Musedde Kyle Jude, 65cc led by Jonathan Katende despite the recent Jamhuri race where he was 4th due his bike issues, And, Ŕmathan Mubiru is ever near Jonathan for a support.

    85cc is shared by a Kenyan girl and a Ugandan boy. But when Miguel Katende heals well from his injury hope we shall enjoy the 85cc in EastAfrica.

    And, lastly, Kenyans shouldn’t forget that, the former champ of 2022 upgraded to Mx125 and he is doing well so, our eyes are on him. (MALCOM TABULA GIFT SSEBUGUZI?

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