Kenya’s MX65 Duo Set to Clash with Uganda’s Finest in High-Stakes Battle


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In what promises to be a showdown of epic proportions, Kenya’s MX65 duo, Kigen Mutuma and Dylan Hatanga, are gearing up to go head-to-head with Uganda’s cream of the crop for the CAC round1 . With the MX65 honors at stake, the stage is set for an intense battle at E-Villas Kalisizo. The event is organised by Southern motor Club and is scheuled for 23rd of march 2023 with Teams coming from as far as Kenya,Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan.

Kenya’s Kigen Mutuma in Mx65cc during the Africa CAC Motorcross challenge cup

Mutuma and Hatanga, the frontrunners of the Kenyan team, have consistently proven themselves as formidable contenders, with their performances leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. Their determination to claim victory knows no bounds as they prepare to unleash their full potential on the track.

However, the Ugandan contingent is not backing down easily. Led by Jonathan Katende, Ramathan Mubiru, Larry Ssekamwa, and Ashraf Mbabazi Jr, the Ugandan team is poised to defend their turf with unwavering resolve.

Jonathan katende and Miguel katende will be in action to lead the asult

Adding to the intensity of the competition are Berry Noteea, Armani Amani, and Uhrie Yongo, forming the second group within the category. These challengers are determined to disrupt Kenya’s second team, setting the stage for an electrifying showdown.

But Uganda is not without its own arsenal of talent. Isaac Mitima, Ethan Musede, Filbert Muwonge, AbdulMalik Wagaba, and Adam Kabuye stand ready to counter any threat posed by their opponents, showcasing the depth of Kenya’s MX65 lineup.

The stakes have been raised even higher with lucrative prizes awaiting the victors. The winner of each junior category during the event will walk away with a Lato Milk hamper, Great Habib’s whole duck, and cash prizes for the podium finishers, adding an extra layer of motivation for the competitors.

As anticipation builds and tensions run high, all eyes are on the MX65 showdown, where Kenya and Uganda will collide in a battle for supremacy on the track. With pride, honor, and prestigious rewards at stake, the stage is set for a thrilling display of talent and determination.

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