Malick Ibrahim Gueye Ventures into New Territory with Evo X Ready to Take on The 50th Bandama Rally 2024


By Mwambazi Lawrence and Robstyles

In a thrilling development within the rallying world, seasoned driver Malick Ibrahim Gueye is set to embark on a groundbreaking journey with the unveiling of his latest conquest – a sleek Evo X primed for action at the prestigious 50th Bandama Rally. With an illustrious track record boasting five National Rally Championship victories alongside esteemed driver Gary Chaynes, Gueye’s foray into the driver’s seat of this pedigreed powerhouse sparks excitement and anticipation among enthusiasts and competitors alike.

Malick Ibrahim Gueye ready for Bandama 2024

Acknowledging the weight of expectation that accompanies piloting such a celebrated vehicle for the first time, Gueye admits to feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. “I will feel a bit pressurised because it will be my first time to drive it with all the pedigree of it,” he reveals, hinting at the challenges and thrills that lie ahead.

As final adjustments are made to the Evo X in preparation for the impending rally, meticulous planning and anticipation fill the air. Gueye, a seasoned competitor with three years of rallying experience, underscores the significance of this momentous occasion. “The preparations are ongoing, and the car is ready. It’s about me to position myself and get ready for the event,” he asserts, displaying a steely resolve to seize the opportunity and leave his mark on the rally circuit.

Gueye’s Evox formarly owned by 2014 Africa Rally Champion Gary Chaynes

Venturing into uncharted territory with the Evo X, Gueye embraces the challenge with determination and a thirst for growth. “Yes, it will be quite interesting with some new stages, and I’m sure that’s a challenge,” he remarks, welcoming the opportunity to push his limits and showcase his skills on the rally stage.

Despite the pressure and heightened expectations, Gueye remains focused on his ultimate goal – securing a coveted podium finish. “My goal is to do things I’ve not done before as I continue learning to add to my experience of three years,” he declares, fueled by an unwavering drive for excellence and success.

Malick Ibrahim Gueye cruising an EVo7 in rallye Bouake

However, as excitement builds for the rally season, a tinge of sadness permeates the atmosphere as Gueye reflects on the absence of the Bandama Rally from the African Rally Championship roster this year. “It’s sad Bandama is not on ARC this year, but we hope we will bounce back and get viewed by Africa and the world again,” he laments, emphasizing the importance of showcasing African talent on the global stage.

As Gueye prepares to embark on his journey of triumph and tribulation with the Evo X by his side, rallying enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding drama. From the adrenaline-fueled stages of Yamoussoukro to the unforgiving twists of fate on the rally course, Malick Ibrahim Gueye stands poised to defy expectations and etch his name in the books of rallying history.

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