FMU Collaborates with Agha Khan Group to Enhance Road Safety


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In a bid to promote road safety and improve infrastructure, the Federation of Motorsport Uganda (FMU) has teamed up with the Agha Khan group to revamp the Zebra Crossing at Agha Khan and replace road signage in the area. This initiative aligns with FMU’s ongoing efforts within the FIA RSGP Transformation 2021 framework, which prioritizes enhancing road safety across various districts.

One of the primary objectives of this collaboration is to ensure safer routes and road infrastructure specifically tailored for school-going children. Recognizing the vulnerability of this demographic group, FMU aims to implement measures that will safeguard their journey to and from school. Through the utilization of innovative tools such as the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP), FMU has conducted Star Rating for Schools (SR4S) assessments in Wakiso and Kampala districts. These assessments form part of the broader Safe School Zones program, aimed at evaluating and enhancing the safety of areas surrounding educational institutions.

Winston Katushabe – Commissioner Transport Regulation & Safety, Ministry of Works and Transport in the middle embracing the ocassion.

Moreover, the collaboration seeks to educate children on essential road-crossing skills, impart safety knowledge to two-wheeler users (commonly known as boda bodas), and cultivate a culture of road safety among school communities. By engaging with teachers and school administrations, FMU intends to instill discipline and awareness regarding road safety practices, laying the foundation for a safer road environment for future generation.

Perticipants preparing the road for zebra Crossing Painting

In addition to its focus on educational institutions, FMU recognizes the significance of advocacy in effecting long-term change in road safety regulations. Leveraging its platform and influence within the motorsport community, FMU aims to collaborate with stakeholders, media outlets, and civil society organizations to advocate for the implementation of robust road safety regulations. By harnessing the power of motorsport to convey road safety messages, FMU seeks to reach a broader audience and foster a collective commitment to safer roads.

DVP in charge of road safety and touring Ray Kibira and Mr Joe Walker the road safety ambasador for Jubile insurance demostrating safety of motorcross riders.

The collaboration between FMU and the Agha Khan group represents a proactive step towards enhancing road safety in Uganda. Through targeted interventions, education initiatives, and advocacy efforts, the partnership aims to create a safer road environment conducive to the well-being of all road users, particularly school children. As FMU continues to champion road safety through its various initiatives, its impact on promoting a culture of responsible and safe driving is poised to resonate across the nation.

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