Iganga, Uganda – In a thrilling spectacle of motorsports prowess, the EMC Non-Championship Training Event came to a triumphant close on January 1, 2024, leaving a lasting impact on both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the motorsports scene.

The event, held in collaboration with the Uganda Police, took center stage in Iganga, featuring a plethora of activities designed to enhance road safety awareness. With the clock ticking towards 6 pm, the successful conclusion of the event marked a milestone for the EMC and the entire motorsports community.

Road Safety Takes Center Stage

A key highlight of the day was the collaboration between EMC and the Uganda Police to underscore the importance of road safety. Engaging activities and demonstrations were organized, showcasing the commitment of both entities to instill responsible driving habits among the public. The aim was to create a culture of safety and compliance with traffic regulations on Ugandan roads.

Thrilling Demonstrations by Rally Drivers

The event witnessed an impressive lineup of renowned rally drivers, including Haji Gasemba Salim, Okello Moses, Fed Kitaka, Peter Kalule, and Fred Kiyimba. These skilled drivers captivated the audience with live demonstrations, offering a glimpse into the safety measures and precision involved in high-speed rally events. Spectators were treated to an adrenaline-pumping display that not only entertained but also educated on the critical safety aspects of rally racing.

Motorcycle Safety Showcased

On the two-wheeled front, the event featured the expertise of Abdul Katete and Seki, who demonstrated the safety protocols and precautions associated with motorcycle racing. Their skillful maneuvers provided valuable insights into the world of motorcycle racing and emphasized the importance of safety gear and responsible riding practices.

New Members Join the EMC Ranks

In a notable development, the EMC welcomed over 30 new members during the event. Among them was the esteemed Hon. Batuwa Timothy Lusala, Member of Parliament for Jinja City Division West. Hon. Lusala not only joined the EMC but also experienced the thrill of motorsports firsthand, thanks to Okello Moses, who generously offered him the chance to train with a rally car. This gesture not only added a touch of inclusivity to the event but also showcased the EMC’s dedication to fostering a diverse and engaged motorsports community.

Hon. Batuwa Timothy Lusala, Member of Parliament for Jinja City Division West trainjng in a Toyota Vitz belonging to Okello

Safety First: A Remarkable Achievement

Safety remained a paramount concern throughout the event, and meticulous planning ensured that all activities adhered to stringent safety standards. The fact that the event concluded without a single incident underscores the commitment of the organizers to prioritize the well-being of participants and spectators alike.

As the sun set on Iganga, the EMC Non-Championship Training Event left an indelible mark on the motorsports landscape. The day’s success not only promoted road safety awareness but also positioned Iganga as a hub for future motorsports endeavors. With the echoes of revving engines still resonating, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next thrilling chapter in the world of Ugandan motorsports.


1.Peter Kalule/David Mwesigwa 2:42.1
2.Godfrey Kiyimba/Urban Mulindwa 2:44.1
3.Fred Busulwa/Shadia Katete 2:55.1
4.Faisal Kayira/Another 2:57.2
5.Abdul Katete/Asuman Mohamed 2:59.1
6.D. Bahizi/Asuman Mohamed 2:59.1
7.Yusuf Babu /Sharifah Katete 2:59.1
8.Ahmeed Katete /Shadia Katete 3:00.2
9.Ibrahim Lubega/J lukenge 3:04.1
10.Julious Semambo/Another 3:09.3
11.Moses Okello /I Musoke 3:10.1
12.Sabiti Muyanja /Steven Bunya 3:12.7
13.Ahmed Minjo/S Mubiru 3:13.2
14.Samuel Watendwa /D Watendwa 3:14.1
15.Salim Kyabagadha /S Kavuma 3:15.0
16.I Musoke/M. Okello 3:17.8
17.Muzamir Wotolya/Kevin Lubambula 3:18.1
18.S. Gasemba /E. Mugulusi 3:25.8
19.Nasib Sesanga/Kobusingye Shaina 3:29.1
20.Sp. Bahizi /H. Kibalama 3:33.2
21.Ukash Mugoya/S. Ibrahim 3:58.3
22.E. Bunali/E. Isabirye 6:41.5

Story by Mwambazi Lawrence

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