Arthur Blick Jr A Trailblazer in Uganda’s Motorsports Scene Vies for FMU Deputy Vice Presidency Motorcycling


By Mwambazi Lawrence

Arthur Blick Jr., born on May 4, 1976, has long been a prominent figure in Uganda’s motorsports community. Responding to numerous requests from motorcycling stakeholders, including riders and rider parents, he is now seeking the position of Deputy Vice President for Motorcycling at the Federation of Motorsport Clubs of Uganda (FMU). As a man of action, not words, Blick’s impressive track record in the motorsports scene speaks for itself, demonstrating his commitment to driving positive change in Uganda’s motorcycling community. Let’s take a closer look at the man who has played a pivotal role in transforming motorsport culture in Uganda and what he brings to the table.

Arthur Blick Jr during his motorcross days in Garugga race track

A Visionary Entrepreneur in the Automotive Industry

Blick is best known as the CEO of Speedway Quick Fix, a one-stop automobile sales, service, and repair center located on Rubaga Road in Mengo, Kampala. Founded in 2001, Speedway Quick Fix has gained a reputation for its ultra-modern facilities and exceptional customer service, resulting in a rapidly growing client base. Blick’s leadership has seen the business expand beyond targets annually, a testament to his entrepreneurial acumen.

Beyond his work at Speedway Quick Fix, Blick also founded Blick International Riding Academy (BIRA) in 2009. As Uganda’s first full-fledged riding school, BIRA provides comprehensive safety rider training courses, including basic mechanical maintenance, defensive riding, and motocross training. With 15 years of experience, BIRA has become a key player in training a new generation of motorcycle professionals, equipping them with the skills needed to reach even the most remote areas of Uganda.

Leaving behind a Legacy Arthur Blick Jr (M) together with his sons Paddy Roldin Blick (L) and Alister Blick( R)

A Respected Sports Management Leader

Arthur Blick Jr.’s impact extends beyond business into sports management. He has held various leadership positions within the motorsports community, beginning as a founding member of the Speedway Motorsports Club (SMOC) in 1998. His presidency at SMOC (1998-2005 and 2010-2012) was instrumental in professionalizing motocross events management, setting a standard for the sport in Uganda.

During his tenure as Deputy Vice President (DVP) Motorcycling at FMU (2005-2009), Blick spearheaded several groundbreaking initiatives. Notably, he led the organization of the first official CAC MX Championship in 2005 at Lubiri, paving the way for the successful CAC MX series in the years to come. Additionally, he played a critical role in securing sponsorships from major brands like Mountain Dew, Shell, and Fotogenix, bringing significant recognition to motocross in Uganda.

Arthur Blick Jr the family man togehter with wife Noella Blick

A Founding Force in Uganda’s Motocross

Blick’s contributions to motocross in Uganda are immeasurable. As a founding member of the Uganda Motocross Club (UMX Club), he was instrumental in transitioning from grass track racing to internationally recognized motocross standards. His vision culminated in the establishment of the Uganda Motorsports Arena in 2010 at Busiika, the country’s first professionally designed motorsports facility. This world-class venue offers an unparalleled racing experience and has become a cornerstone of Uganda’s motorsports scene.

A Legacy of Sporting Achievements

Arthur Blick Jr.’s success in motorsports is unparalleled. He is a record holder of 20 championships, including 13 Uganda National Motocross Championships from 1999 to 2021. His achievements extend beyond motocross, with victories in Uganda’s National Grass Track Championships (1997, 1998), National Enduro Championship (2015), National Rally Championship (2015), and National Sprint Championship (2019). Notably, he was awarded the USPA Motorcyclist of the Year a record eight times.His success is not limited to Uganda, as Blick also claimed two East and Central African Motocross Championships (2017, 2018) and podium finishes at the Africa Motocross Championships (3rd in Zambia 2014, 2nd in Kenya 2016). He even pioneered the younger generation into motocross by encouraging his first-born son, who won the MX 50 Junior National Championship in 2007 at just three years old.

Athur Blick Jr negotiates a sharp corner in one of the races in Mbarara

The Future with Arthur Blick Jr.

As Arthur Blick Jr. vies for the Deputy Vice Presidency of Motorcycling at FMU, he brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and leadership to the role. His track record in both business and sports management speaks to his ability to drive positive change within the motorsports community. If successful in his bid, Blick could be poised to take Uganda’s motorcycling scene to new heights, fostering growth, professionalism, and international recognition.

For Uganda’s motorsports enthusiasts, having Arthur Blick Jr. in a leadership role within the FMU is not just a vote for continuity, but a commitment to innovation and excellence. The future of motorsports in Uganda looks bright, and with Blick at the helm, the possibilities seem endless.

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