Environmental Conservation Highlighted at Shell Vpower Pearl Of Africa Rally In Jinja


By Mwambazi Lawrence

This past weekend, the bustling town of Jinja not only hosted an exciting Pearl Of Africa Uganda Rally  but also saw significant efforts toward environmental conservation and sustainability. The initiative was led Mr. Ssebagala Kaweesa, the environment delegate, in collaboration with the Women in Motorsport Uganda and Baba Yangu Foundation , the event showcased a series of initiatives aimed at preserving the local environment while enjoying the thrill of motorsports.

During the rally, special emphasis was placed on proper garbage disposal and cleanup. Volunteers and participants worked together to ensure that waste was collected and disposed of responsibly, leaving the rally grounds cleaner than they were found. This effort highlighted the community’s commitment to maintaining a pristine environment even amidst large public events.

In addition to garbage collection, the event addressed the issue of oil spills, a common concern in motor sports. Teams were provided with guidance on using carpets and mats to prevent oil spills from cars in the service park. This proactive measure was aimed at protecting the soil and preventing harmful substances from contaminating the environment.

Fueling points at the rally were also equipped with mats to catch any potential fuel leaks, further safeguarding the ground from pollutants. These mats were strategically placed to ensure that any accidental spills during the fueling process were contained and did not seep into the soil.

The environmental conservation measures demonstrated by Mr. Ssebagala Kaweesa and the Women in Motorsport Association at Pearl Of Africa Uganda  rally have set a new benchmark for future events in the region. “As Women in Motorsport Uganda Association, we are already planningto build on this success by incorporating even more sustainable practices in the upcoming rallies” says Monica Birwinyo

The Pearl of Africa Uganda rally was not just a showcase of speed and skill but also a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting our environment. Through dedicated efforts in garbage disposal, oil spill prevention, and fueling point management, the event highlighted the critical role that every individual and organization can play in fostering a sustainable future. As the engines roared and the cars sped by, the true victory was in the collective commitment to safeguarding the environment for generations to come.

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