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In the heart of the rallying world, the excitement is building as we approach the first round of the 2024 World Rally Championship (WRC) in Monte Carlo. But before that Buckle up, rally fans, as we take a closer look at the top contenders who are set to bring the heat to the 2024 WRC stage.

1. Sebastien Ogier: The Maestro’s Encore

A determined and tactically shrewd force to be reckoned with, Frenchman Sebastien Ogier is back for another round of adrenaline-fueled action. With an impressive eight world titles under his belt, including a six-year winning streak from 2013 to 2018, Ogier’s return with Toyota promises to be nothing short of spectacular. Having taken his final crown in 2021, the eight-time WRC Champion will engage in a part-time season, mixing things up with some sportscar racing in the WEC.

2. Ott Tanak: A Speedster’s Switch

Determined, intense, and blisteringly quick, Ott Tanak lets his driving skills speak louder than words. The 2019 world champion throws us a curveball by moving to Hyundai for the 2024 season, setting the stage for an intriguing showdown on the rally stages.

3. Elfyn Evans: The Quiet Contender

Welshman Elfyn Evans, with his quiet demeanor, has been a consistent presence at the sharp end of the championship for the past three seasons with Toyota Gazoo Racing. As the 2024 season kicks off, Evans emerges as one of the key title protagonists, silently ready to make his mark.

4. Kalle Rovanpera: Drifting into the Unknown

With rallying in his blood, Kalle Rovanpera takes a different route for the 2024 season. The double World Rally Champion, committed to Toyota with a ‘multi-year’ deal, surprises fans by opting for a part-time drive, dedicating time to a newfound passion for drifting. A move that keeps the rallying world on the edge of their seats.

5. Asapekka Lappi: The Finn with a Sense of Humor

Known as EP across the service park, the laid-back Finn Asapekka Lappi brings an ice-cool exterior and a great sense of humor to the rally stages. The only star to have driven for all three of the current top-level WRC teams, Lappi is ready to add more chapters to his rallying journey.

6. Thierry Neuville: Seeking Championship Glory

Cool as a cucumber and confident as ever, Thierry Neuville eyes the 2024 season as his chance to secure a maiden title. With colorful taste in watches and glasses, the five-time championship runner-up is determined to turn the tables and make this season his moment of glory.

7. Adrien Fourmoux: A Comeback Story

Adrien Fourmoux returns full throttle to the Rally1 car after a challenging 2022, where he stepped down to WRC2 and the British Rally Championship. A rising star in the WRC ranks, Fourmoux is set to rekindle his rally journey with newfound determination.

8. Gregoire Munster: M-Sport’s Rising Star

Former Hyundai junior Gregoire Munster moved to M-Sport last year, making waves in both WRC2 and the Rally1 car. At 25, Munster is a force to be reckoned with, showcasing his skills and determination to climb the rallying ladder.

9. Tokamoto Katsuta: Toyota’s Tenacious Talent

Takamoto Katsuta faced challenges in his first full-time WRC season, but with Toyota’s backing and impressive previous years, he returns for the 2024 season with determination. Keep an eye on this tenacious talent as he looks to overcome hurdles and make his mark on the WRC stage.

As the Monte Carlo Rally looms closer, these top contenders are set to deliver a spectacle of speed, skill, and adrenaline that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Buckle up, rally enthusiasts – WRC 2024 is about to hit the road!

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