Ugandan Motorsports Charts a New Course: FMU’s Extraordinary General Meeting Reshapes Future Landscape


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In a monumental moment for Uganda’s Motorsports scene, the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda (FMU) orchestrated an Extraordinary General Assembly(EGM) at Copper Chimney, Lugogo. This meeting was a pivotal response to the pressing challenges faced by the industry, marking a proactive and united effort to redefine the future of motorsports in Uganda.

Unity in Diversity
The EGM resonated with a powerful sense of unity as deligates from different clubs , management of the federation and senators came together. This assembly showcased a commitment to overcoming the current challenges and steering motorsports in Uganda towards a brighter and more resilient future.
Resolute Measures for a Resilient Future
The EGM unfolded as a critical juncture, marked by the adoption of decisive resolutions aimed at fortifying the motorsports community:

  1. Interim Executive Appointment
    Recognizing the need for stability during uncertain times, the assembly unanimously voted to appoint an interim executive to guide the FMU for the next six months. This strategic decision lays the foundation for the formulation of long-term plans and ensures a steady course for the motorsports community.
  2. Constitutional Review Working Group (CRWG)
    A Constitutional Review Working Group was mandated with presenting the initial draft of a revised constitution to the Executive Committee (Excom) by January 16, 2024. This move underscores the FMU’s dedication to aligning with the provisions of the new Sports Act of 2023 and adapting to evolving legal frameworks.
  3. Annual Genaral Assembly in February 2024
    The AGM scheduled for February 2024 will function as an ordinary assembly, officially endorsing the interim executive’s appointment. This ensures the seamless continuation of the FMU’s governance structure and sets the stage for a more stable and progressive motorsports community.
  4. Interim Committees Candidates Vetting
    Empowered by the EGM, the Excom will meticulously vet and present the names of candidates for the interim committees to the AGA. Elections for the subsequent four-year term are slated to take place within six months, providing an opportunity for fresh perspectives and leadership.
  5. Alignment with Sports Act 2023
    A crucial task assigned to the CRWG is the alignment of the federation currentconstitution with the provisions outlined in the new Sports Act of 2023. This demonstrates the FMU’s commitment to adaptability and compliance with evolving legal frameworks, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the changing legislative landscape as per the new sports act.
Delegates listening to CRWG presentation in the concluded EGM

Navigating Election Challenges
The enactment of the Sports Act 2023 brings a notable change in election dynamics, mandating delegates to hail from 50% of Uganda’s districts. The current constitution of the federation requires only 5 delegates from each affiliated club emplying elections conducted in the old constitution might be challenged in courts of law , To address this, the EGA anonymously resolved to align the old constitution with the new Sports Act within a six-month timeframe. Simultaneously, elections for a renewed four-year term will be conducted, ensuring a smooth transition under the updated legal framework.

Looking to the Horizon
The FMU’s EGM signifies a strategic leap forward in reshaping the foundations of motorsports in Uganda. The decisions made reflect a forward-thinking approach to challenges and a steadfast commitment to securing the sustained growth and triumph of motorsports in the country. As the motorsports community stands united, anticipation builds for the upcoming AGM in February 2024, where the ratified interim executive and committees will lay the groundwork for an exciting new chapter in Uganda’s motorsports journey. The FMU, through this proactive approach, is steering towards a future that promises not only challenges but also unprecedented achievements and milestones in the realm of motorsports.

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