In a bid to enhance road safety awareness and bolster the skills of rally enthusiasts, the Eastern Motor Club officially inaugurated its non-championship training event in Iganga today. The event, originally scheduled for December 3rd, was rescheduled to January 1st due to a clash with MPU’s autocross on the initial date.

The training event will encompass crucial aspects of road safety, focusing on ensuring the well-being of individuals on public roads. Furthermore, it aims to educate rally fans about potential black spots while spectating and emphasizes the importance of safety gear for racing bikes, helmets, and rally cars.

Notably, the Eastern Motor Club seized the opportunity to raise funds for the upcoming season by involving three of its prominent drivers: Salim Kyabagadah, Jamadah Lwabaga, and Hajji Gasemba. The funds generated from the event will be allocated to acquiring new rally tires, demonstrating the club’s commitment to both training and safety.

During the launch, the club welcomed new members into its fold, underlining the growing interest and participation in motorsport. It was clarified that despite rumors of an entry list circulating, any club driver available for training or wishing to participate is encouraged to join, emphasizing inclusivity within the event.

The decision to incorporate bikes provided by Abdul Katete into the event adds an exciting dimension, showcasing a blend of vehicles and further diversifying the training experience.

The Eastern Motor Club envisions this annual training event as a catalyst for progress within the sport and extends an invitation to other clubs to organize similar initiatives. By prioritizing safety and skill development, such events contribute significantly to the overall growth and value of motorsports. As the training event becomes a regular fixture, it is expected to foster camaraderie among participants and strengthen the motorsport community in the region.

By Mwambazi Lawrence
Email: mwambazilarry2015@gmail.com

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