Meet Muyanja Bob Kabenge, A Street Racer with a Passion for Speed


Muyanja Bob Kabenge, known in the street racing community as MJ Investments, has carved out a name for himself in the world of street racing since he first hit the Tarmac in 2019. His journey began behind the wheel of a Subaru Impreza GC8 at an event organized by the Street Racers Club Uganda. From that moment, Kabenge’s love for street racing was ignited, and he has since become a prominent figure in the sport.

When asked why he chose street racing, Kabenge reminisces about his early automotive experiences. “My first car was a Glanza, which made a lot of noise,” he recalls. “It made me always want to be near the Subaru drivers, who also had equally noisy cars just like mine.” This affinity for the rumbling engines and the camaraderie among Subaru enthusiasts led him to acquire his first Subaru, the iconic Impreza GC8. From that point on, his garage has been a shrine to Subaru, with models ranging from the N8 and N10 to the N14. Today, he drives a Subaru Impreza GVB, which he will be racing in the highly anticipated Man Vs Machine Gymkhana TT event scheduled for June 15-16 at Nile Resort Hotel in Namanve.

Kabenge’s involvement in street racing has not only fueled his passion but also helped him build a network of valuable connections. “In this sport, I’ve been able to get useful friends who have become my social capital friends like Rajiv Ruparelia and many more,” he explains. These relationships have significantly benefited his car-selling business, bringing in clients who trust his expertise and passion for automobiles. Thanks to these connections, Kabenge has even been able to organize events like the Man Vs Machine Gymkhana TT single-handedly.

However, the road to success in street racing hasn’t been without its challenges. “Engine knocking is always part of the game,” Kabenge admits. “I cannot count the number of engines I’ve lost while street racing, and these engines cost a lot of money.” Despite these setbacks, his determination and love for street racing remain undiminished. Kabenge also addresses the misconceptions about street racing: “People look at street racing as a dangerous game and a game for hooligans, which is totally wrong.”

Looking ahead, Kabenge is optimistic about the future of street racing in Uganda. “I see the FIA intervening in our sport and helping us to develop it,” he says, hopeful that official recognition and support will elevate the sport to new heights.

As for the upcoming Man Vs Machine Gymkhana TT event, Kabenge is confident in his chances. “I hope to be among the top 5 because I have one of the most powerful cars in the event,” he asserts. His closest competitor, Jimmy Sudan, will also be driving a similar Subaru Impreza, setting the stage for an exciting showdown.

Muyanja Bob Kabenge’s journey from a novice street racer to a seasoned competitor and event organizer is proof to his dedication and passion for the sport. As he gears up for the Man Vs Machine Gymkhana TT, the racing community will be watching closely to see if he can drive his way to the top.

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