Meet Brenda “Inkmama” Wasajja, The Subaru Queen of Uganda


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In the vibrant streets of Uganda, where the roar of engines echoes through the alleys, one name stands out among the crowd – Brenda “Inkmama” Wasajja. Known as the Subie Queen, Brenda is not your ordinary businesswoman; she’s a force to be reckoned with, blending her passion for Subaru cars with her entrepreneurial spirit.

With Subaru blood coursing through her veins, Brenda, also known as “Inkmama,” is not just your average business lady. Specializing in newborn baby essentials, she brings the same dedication and drive to her role as Vice President of FNU (Forester Nation Uganda). But what sets her apart is her love affair with Subaru vehicles, a passion ignited by none other than her role model, Susan Muwonge, a rally icon who defied norms and outcompeted men on the tracks.

“When I saw Susan Muwonge dominate the rally scene with her Subaru, I knew I wanted to follow in her footsteps,” Brenda recalls. “She showed me that gender is no barrier to success, especially behind the wheel of a Subaru.”

As the self-proclaimed Subie Queen, Brenda’s journey wasn’t just about driving fast cars; it was about breaking stereotypes and earning respect in a male-dominated arena. “On the streets, I was always one of the boys, and being recognized as the Subaru Queen was a badge of honor,” she explains. “It’s not just about racing; it’s about belonging to a community that supports and uplifts each other.”

For Brenda, Subaru represents more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle. “Subaru is happiness, confidence in motion,” she declares. “Once you own one, you’ll understand.” Her love for the brand extends beyond the asphalt, with her prized possession, a Subaru Forester SG5 named Bryton Smith, earning fame for its unique modifications and unmistakable sound.

Reflecting on her favorite Subaru memories, Brenda highlights the sense of camaraderie within the Subaru community. “We’re a family, united by our love for Subaru and our commitment to giving back to society,” she shares. “Whether it’s charity events or gatherings, the bond we share is what makes Subaru truly special.”

When asked about her favorite Subaru model, Brenda’s streetwise instincts shine through. “While the corporate appeal of the XT 2014 model is undeniable, my heart lies with the N14 STI,” she admits. “It’s a true street racer’s dream, despite its quirks.”

For those considering their first Subaru purchase, Brenda offers practical advice tempered with her signature flair. “Subaru is happiness, but it’s not for the faint of heart,” she cautions. “Start with something more manageable, like a Toyota, before diving into the world of Subaru performance. And if you’re truly committed, remember: caution is key.”

In the bustling streets of Uganda, Brenda “Inkmama” Wasajja reigns supreme as the Subie Queen, blending her love for Subaru cars with her entrepreneurial spirit. As she continues to carve her path in the automotive world, one thing remains certain – her passion for Subaru will always drive her forward.

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