Eastern Motor Club Takes Center Stage in Shaping Uganda’s Motorsports Future


By Mwambazi Lawrence

In a series of pivotal consultative meetings held over the weekend, Eastern Motor Club (EMC) emerged as a driving force in the formulation of the Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda’s future. The three gatherings, focused on the proposed structure, constitution, and regulations, saw the active participation of club members, including competitors, who voiced their opinions in a bid to shape the trajectory of motorsports in the country.

DVP Ray kibira (L) and the EMC Gen Secretary Mulwanyi Lameck(c) in one of the consultative meetings of the club

A notable highlight of these meetings was the attendance of a distinguished guest from the Federation, Mr. Reynolds Kibira, Deputy Vice President Motorsport. Mr. Kibira’s presence brought a wealth of experience and insight into the broader vision and goals of the Federation, adding a valuable perspective to the discussions.

EMC’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency was evident, as voices from various corners of the club were heard and meticulously documented. This approach aimed to ensure that a diverse array of viewpoints was considered in the decision-making process, reflecting the democratic ethos that underpins the club’s operations.

Consultative executive meeting of EMC

A significant outcome of the weekend deliberations was the unanimous decision to task the president of EMC with representing the collective views of the club before the Federation. This move underscores the unity and cohesion within the club, as they present a unified front in the ongoing discussions.

Among the key views put forth to the Federation is a request for a minimum of two symposiums before any final decisions are reached. This cautious approach highlights the clubs’ dedication to thorough deliberation and a comprehensive understanding of the proposed changes. The desire for an inclusive process that allows for the exchange of ideas and concerns is paramount to EMC members.

A noteworthy request from the club pertains to the retention of the current nomenclature. EMC proposes that the name “Federation of Motorsports Clubs of Uganda” remains unchanged, emphasizing continuity and the identity of the existing body. This plea reflects a commitment to preserving the heritage and legacy of motorsports in Uganda.

Consultative General Meeting of EMC

As the president of EMC prepares to present these views to the Federation, anticipation looms over a constructive dialogue and collaborative decision-making process. The emphasis on transparency, inclusivity, and thorough consideration of club perspectives underscores a commitment to a robust and well-informed future for motorsports in Uganda.

Some of the EMC competitors who attended the consultative meetings

The proposed structure, constitution, and regulations are poised to shape the landscape of motorsports in the country. The active engagement of clubs, with Eastern Motor Club leading the charge, bodes well for the continued growth and success of the sport in Uganda. Motorsports enthusiasts across the nation eagerly await the unfolding developments as EMC takes center stage in steering the course of Uganda’s motorsports future.

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