A Pharmacist’s Journey from Prescriptions to Racing Passion

Mustapha Mukasa, born on December 18, 1986, is not your typical pharmacist. While his days are filled with prescribing and selling medicines, his passion lies in the world of motorsport, a thrilling endeavor that takes him far beyond the confines of a pharmacy. Mukasa, a family man with a wife and seven children, has successfully blended his professional life with a love for speed and beautiful cars.

His venture into motorsport began with a fascination for speed and the influence of family members. Inspired by his cousin brothers, Bakka, a rally fan, and Kalule, a rally driver, Mukasa found himself drawn to the adrenaline-fueled world of racing. His inaugural event took place in Festino around November 2018, where he teamed up with Daniel Mbabazi for a memorable experience.

Mukasa’s favorite rally on the calendar is Fort Portal Rally. The connection runs deep as he has family ties to the area, having met his wife there and with his children having ancestors from the region. He appreciates the technical challenges of the roads, making it an engaging yet fast-paced experience.

Before every rally, Mukasa follows a set of rituals. He begins with prayer, ensuring a moment of reflection and focus. Addressing personal matters, he pays any outstanding debts and selects comfortable sneakers for the journey and loafers for the reconnaissance. Prioritizing family, he presents a voucher to his wife and children, turning the rally into a family treat.

To enhance the overall experience, Mukasa takes proactive steps. He consults with his manager for an estimated budget, books hotels online to avoid last-minute inconveniences, and meticulously runs through a car performance and safety checklist. This thorough preparation ensures a seamless and enjoyable racing experience.

Once on the road, Mukasa’s mindset shifts. He immerses himself in the thrill of the race, forgetting everything else but the road ahead. After a moment of prayer, he engages the diff lock, unleashing his adrenaline-fueled pursuit of victory.

Mustapha acknowledges his sponsors who have been instrumental in his motorsport journey. Equity Bank, he says, is the “listening, caring partner” contributing to the socio-economic prosperity of Africa. www.drugsexpress.co.ug ensures accessibility to quality medicines and cosmetics, delivered with care. Eaglevet U Ltd. provides veterinary products, and Health Care Uganda Ltd. offers solutions for performance and well being.

When questioned about the future of Ugandan Motorsport, Mukasa, despite acknowledging the challenges, remains optimistic. Drawing parallels to government hospitals, he envisions a digital future for the sport. Mukasa anticipates professionalization for drivers, advanced hybrid cars, and improved infrastructure for marshals, envisioning a transformed landscape for Ugandan Motorsport.

By Mwambazi Lawrence

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